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Get to know your Fatbike!

E-bikes are all the rage in the Netherlands! In a country made for biking combined with a fast-passed culture, the e-bikes are a perfect solution. Riding your bike is one of the fastest ways to get from A to B when you are in the Netherlands, and especially in bike capital Amsterdam. During the Fatbike tour you will be driving a luxurious Knaap Fatbike. What is so special about this bike? Well, let us tell you!

Big wheels

Oooo… so that’s why they are called Fatbikes. The 20” tires make the bikes suitable for any terrain. Even for the those tricky tram track ditches. Normal bikes can get stuck in them, but the Fatbike glides over them without any troubles. You won’t even feel it. The big wheels have a better grip and more stability. An ideal outcome for less experienced bikers.

The heart of the bike, the brushless 250 W motor

The motor is placed in the back of the bike, in the axle of the rear wheel. Having a rear hub motor helps with the maintenance, since all the parts are enclosed in a housing in the wheel. Problems with the chain happen often, or at least, it is Dutch favorite excuse for being late ‘my bike chain fell off!’. The drive system of the motor is independent, so if the chain happens to be causing problems, or there are issues with the center shaft or anything else, you don’t have to touch the motor.

The Knaap bikes use a Torque Sensor motor. This means that the power that the bike delivers will increase in ?? of the amount of pedaling. So the more you pedal, the more support you will get. The sensor gives a more smooth output of the power.

How far you’ll go

You have the power, but the Fatbike supports you! The motor has 250W power and a 36 Volt power supply. It ensures an The max speed you can reach on the bike is 25 kilometers per hour. This is conform the EU laws that state that a electronic bike can’t pass a speed of 25 km/hr. With this, the Fatbikes don’t need any license plates or and the drivers do not need drivers licenses.

The Fatbike tour takes about 2,5 hours, and you cover ground of about 15 to 20 kilometers. Of course, because we are talking electrical bikes, you don’t need to have a top sporter fitness level. But if you want, you can switch the bike off and let your legs do all the work. However, with the electrical support, the battery will last up to 140 km.

Priority in comfort

The big leather seats have enough room for butts in all sizes. This bike was built for smooth cruising, and looking smooth while cruising. The frame is made out of aluminum, which helps to keep the weight lower. Because it is an electrical bike with a strong motor and a though look, the bike cannot be considered ‘light’, but the medium weight makes the bike stable yet manageable.

Switch between 7 gears, with the 7-speed derailleur. You switch the gears with your thumb so you can keep adjusting with comfort and ease.

Green cruising

Is it environmental friendly to ride a e-bike? E-bikes have a low carbon footprint. Especially if you are using green power, the carbon footprint of more than 60 Knaap bikes is almost the same as one car for one person. Also when using electricity from fossil fuels, the CO2 used to charge your e-bikes is far less than a car. So, hop on that Fatbike for some green cruising around the city.

Can I ride the Knaap bike without battery?

Yes, you can! We will always make sure to send you off with a fully charged bike, but in case of an error or mix up, there’s no need to panic! The bikes still function as non-electronic powered bikes, without pedal support. The Knaap system has software that limits output to preserve battery life if they’re running low on juice, which should help keep assistance going at a diminished level. You can also decide to ride without turning on the motor, saving the battery and increasing your cardio.

Now that you know what the bikes are made of, you have to find out for yourself how they ride!