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What makes Fatbike tours unique amongst other tours in Amsterdam

When in Amsterdam, do as the Amsterdammers! This city’s preferred transportation is riding a bike. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get from A to B, and enjoy some light outdoor cardio. When you want to learn more about this a city and discover the hidden gems, then it’s time to join a bike tour! There are enough tours in town to chose from, but the Fatbike tour will very likely be your favourite. Here is why:

You will cover more ground than a normal bike tour

E-bikes are all the rage in Amsterdam. Why? Easy, they are as efficient as bikes but a lot faster! No more excuses for being too late and no more arriving at your destination covered in sweat! The e-bikes have got you covered. If you want to see the real Amsterdam, and not just the crowded centre, you will need to spend a bit more time navigating around. That is not a problem with the electric bikes. Because even though Amsterdam doesn’t seem so big, there is a lot to see!

Most tourist tend to stay in the city center, to wander the bridges and explore the canals. But there’s a whole world out there! Your Fatbike tour guide will show you that world, shiny, shimmery splendid! They will take you through the coolest neighborhoods and explore more than just the Dam square and the Red Light District. In 2 hours you will discover more of Amsterdam than with any other tour!

Get all the inside info from your local expert tour guide

During the Fatbike tour you will discover the unique and characteristic neighbourhoods that most tourists don’t tend to visit. This way you will experience more of the ‘real Amsterdam’, and there’s no better way to do it than with a local Amsterdammer! Need any advice on parties, restaurants, strolls, people watching or anything you can think of? Your guide has got you covered. Ask away!

Comfortable cruising

Exploring Amsterdam can be tiring, there is a lot happening. During your tour, you will get to take it all in while seated on your comfy Fatbike. Sit down and enjoy the ride. It will be hard to turn in your bike after the tour, because this is a first class seat. With pedal assistance you will gain speed and cruise easily. Add the most comfortable seat you can fit on a bike to it, and you equal the most relaxing ride in the city. Even with all the Amsterdam shenanigans happening around you!

Fatter bikes = relaxed rides

It is not just super comfortable to ride the Fatbikes, they are practical as well. The fat wheels are not just for looks, they serve a purpose! When biking in Amsterdam you have to pay attention to trams coming out of nowhere and keep your eyes on the tracks as well! Normal wheels can get stuck in between them. In case you ride a bike without fat wheels, cross the tram tracks horizontally or diagonal! In case you’re riding a Fatbike, you have nothing to worry about! No getting stuck, no slipping and sliding, just sturdy fat wheels keeping you safe and comfy!

Turn heads on the coolest looking bike

When you’re in Italy, you want to drive around on a Vespa. In Amsterdam? It’s a Knaap bike that gets you the approving nods from the locals. Of course, looks are not as important as your experience with the guide and discovering all about Amsterdam, but, it definitely adds to the flavour!

Are you ready for this unique experience discovering ‘Mokum’?