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Cycle Safely: A Guide to (Fat) Biking on Amsterdam's Busy Streets

Amsterdam's bustling streets, intertwined canals, and vibrant atmosphere make for a perfect playground for biking enthusiasts. As you embark on your two-wheeled adventure through this lively city, it's crucial to navigate the roads with respect and consideration. Here's your comprehensive guide to (fat) biking etiquette in Amsterdam, and to brace you for the city's feisty cyclists.

1. Be Polite to Pedestrians: Share the Road

In Amsterdam, where bikes rule the roads, a quick jingle of your bell (tring, tring) is the key to communication. Whether you're passing someone, signaling a turn with a horizontal arm, or riding side by side (limited to two), this blunt language keeps the bikeflow in the city smooth. Be patient with tourists, give a polite ring when needed.

2. Stick to Your Lane: Stay in Your Bicycle Path

In Amsterdam, bike lanes are super important, like sacred trails. Don't venture onto walkways or roads unless you're ready for a not-so-friendly chat in Dutch – it's a bit like entering a dragon's territory!

3. Use Lights at Night: Light Up Your Ride

When night falls in Amsterdam, your bike becomes a little star. Use lights, and locals will see you shining bright in the city's twinkling lights.

4. Follow Traffic Signals: Red Means Stop, Even on Two Wheels

In Amsterdam, red lights are not just a suggestion; they're a commandment. Ignore them, and you might get a stern look from a local cyclist who takes traffic signals as seriously as they take their morning coffee – very seriously!

5. Park Smartly: Leave Room for Others

Parking your (fat) bike is like solving a puzzle in Amsterdam. Find a spot that doesn't block anyone. Locals might not say it, but they'll like your parking skills.

6. Navigate Crossroads with Care

Crossroads in Amsterdam are places of shared space. Yield to pedestrians and be aware of the unique traffic dynamics. It might seem overwhelming with traffic everywhere, but listen to tram sounds, engage all your senses, and go with the flow!

7. Guided Fat Bike Tour: A Stress-Free Adventure

If you’re not ready yet for a solo bike trip through this busy cycling city, join us for a guided fat bike tour! It's the perfect way to get the hang of it, experience Amsterdam from a local’s point of view, and enjoy a scenic guided tour. You can leave the intricacies of crossroads and local biking nuances to us – your experts in Amsterdam's cycling culture.


Whether you choose to venture solo or join our guided tour, these guidelines ensure your (fat) biking adventure in Amsterdam is a delightful ride through a city that values cycling etiquette as much as its love for cheese and tulips. Pedal on, adventurer!