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How to save money on your Amsterdam adventure with a City Pass

Are you looking for ways to make your trip to the bike capital of the world a bit cheaper? We have found a deal for discounted access to Amsterdam’s top activities and decided to team up. Now you can save time and money with an Amsterdam city card and join a Fatbike tour for less.

Before deciding on joining the Explore Pass Amsterdam City Card, we tested it to see figure out if it is worth your money. We will sum up the pro’s and cons of this city pass for Amsterdam and how we experienced it.

What is the Explore Pass Amsterdam?

The Explore Pass is a fully digital city card that gives you access to close to 50 top attractions in Amsterdam. All you have to do is decide where you want to go to. Use the Explore Pass to book your discounted tickets to your choice of activities. Find the tickets in your Explore Pass wallet and show them at the entrance before your visit.

There is no need to rush, the Explore Pass is valid for a year. So, if you feel like having a rest after your bike adventure, you totally can. You do not have to run through the city and fit all your activities in 24 hours, like other time-based city cards. Take your time exploring.

Who is the Explore Pass for?

Anyone who likes to join activities in Amsterdam, visit museums and participate in cool tours, while saving a dime will benefit from an Explore Pass purchase!

It has an easy to use interface that you access via the browser on your phone. From there you get to make your own itinerary. It has all the attractions bundled in one application. Which makes it easy to browse through the attractions and pick your favourites.

- Planners

If you have an idea of what you want to visit and when, this pass makes it super easy to create and follow that plan. Create your itinerary in the Explore Pass web-app and save your tickets in one spot.

Are you the type to have your whole vacation planned before even setting foot in the country? You will love to browse through the options, creating your plan and filling your days with activities.

- Locals

We found that locals, or people that have more time to enjoy the city, will also benefit from this city card. The Explore Pass is valid for a whole year. What about a museum visit per month? Why not!

- And everyone else

The pass is very flexible. You don’t have to rush to make the best use of it, since it’s not a timed pass, like 24 hours, 48 hours etc. Just go with the flow! Our best advice is to book attractions in advance that tend to fill up quickly, for example the van Gogh Museum. With the other, less busy, activities you can be flexible and book your ticket whenever you feel like going there.

What is included?

The explore pass always comes with a free 24 hour ticket for the Hop-on Hop-off bus. Your 24 hours start once you board the bus. This makes the pass stand out from the competition. You get to experience Amsterdam, hop out at all the attractions you want to see, while resting your legs in the famous red buses!

Besides hopping on the famous Red sightseeing buses, explore more of the city with the unmissable Fatbike Tour around the city. Find museums and attractions along your way and book them instantly with the Explore Pass web-app.

Your card comes with either 50, 75 or 100 Explorer Points. Exchange them for tickets to your choice of attractions in Amsterdam. Pick your favourites!

The following attractions are part of the Explore Pass:
- Fatbike Tour (of course)
- Rijksmuseum
- Heineken Experience
- The Amsterdam Icebar
- Canal cruises
- Special canal cruises, like: dinner cruise, pizza cruise and pancake cruise
- Red Light Secrets (museum of prostitution)
- Madam Tussauds
- Ripley’s Believe it or not
- Artis Royal Zoo
- MOCO Museum
- The Amsterdam Dungeon
- WONDR experience

And much more.

Read this blog article for more inspiration for things to do on your trip to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam city card price

You can pick a city card of your budget, the Explore Pass is either €50, €75 or €100. The more euros you spend, the more attractions you can fit into your itinerary! 

How to save money with an Amsterdam city card

Collect your must-visits for Amsterdam and see if they are included in the city card of your choosing. Or make your choices the other way around, check the website of the card supplier and browse through the options. Which activities tickle your fancy? Look on their websites to see the regular admission prices and compare your options.

The more you do, the more you save! Combine the Fatbike Tour with your pick of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam.

We have created some example itineraries. Of course, you can choose from any of the attractions included,

but here are some of our top picks!

Explore Pass 50

Explore Pass   75

Explore Pass   100

Attraction Points Reg. price Attraction Points Reg. price Attraction Points Reg. price  
Fatbike   Tour 24 points € 34,50 Fatbike Tour 24 points € 34,50 Fatbike Tour 24 points € 34,50  
Amsterdam   Icebar 25 points € 26,50 Pizza Cruise 25 points € 34,50 Rijksmuseum 22 points € 22,50  
Hop on   Hop off bus 24h 0 points € 25 Red Light Secrets 9 points € 14,50 Canal Cruise 10 points € 16  

Save €37,-

Diamon Museum 12 points € 12,50 BODY WORLDS 14 points € 22,50  
Hop on   Hop off bus 24h 0 points € 25 Ripley's Believe it or Not 14 points € 22,50  

Save €46,-

Red Light Secrets 9 points € 14,50  
      Erotic Museum 7 points € 7,50  
      Hop on Hop off bus 24h 0 points € 25  

Save €66,-


Should you spend your money on an Amsterdam city card?

Conclusion? Get your hands on the Explore Pass Amsterdam, the convenient way to explore the highlights of Amsterdam! Join an exciting bike tour on the coolest e-bikes in town and explore more of Amsterdam’s top tours and attractions, all in one pass.

The only Amsterdam city card that includes a Fatbike Tour is the Explore Pass Amsterdam. Your chance to go on a discounted bike tour lays within this city card only. Are you joining us on a tour anytime soon?